10 Tips to Start in Astrology

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Lately, and especially thanks to social networks, Astrology has become especially popular. There are many groups and forums in which valuable information (and unfortunately, often wrong) is shared about this interesting discipline list of omens. But it is worth asking, are everyone prepared to assume a role as an astrologer?

They are not all prepared to be astrologers, because although curiosity is the initial kick to approach it, it is not decisive, because this study requires a lot of dedication, perseverance, and hours of practice, as well as interest in developing our capacity of analysis.

For example, many come to astrology to find an answer to their problems, and in most cases, relating them to factors external to themselves. This curiosity of knowing the “why” may only be the tip of an iceberg for a long way of asking questions, since those initial questions only expand over time to an abysmal scale. Then from a simple question, many others can arise, such as how my childhood was, how was the relationship with my parents, what kind of karma I bring to this plane, how my behavior influences what happens to me, and so on and A) Yes…

Whatever we discover through astrology, rather than answers, brings us in the long run the inevitable confrontation with ourselves, which forces us to take responsibility for our actions and our lives, through constant internal work.

On the other hand, many are left with the idea that astrology can only be used to know what will happen, since its greatest grace is that it allows us to understand what has already happened, why, and what happened. But also attend the current events, with the intention of guiding our energies to continue in the best way we can, forward.

So the astrologer’s role has many more facets than a simple star translator. An aspiring astrologer also needs to assume that his observation requires a judgment, and give a north or meaning to everything he observes. How to go to the doctor. He makes an analysis, and then determines what we need to restore our health. What criteria do you use for this? Well, his knowledge, his wisdom, which is inevitably related to the quality of his professionalism in his work and his intention to do good to the other, the latter being directly proportional to his quality as a person.

Here is a short list with some tips to get started in this interesting study.

1. – Take the time to learn

It seems obvious, but not everyone does. Many with a little knowledge begin to draw conclusions too quickly, which obviously hinders the quality of astrological interpretation.

2. – Do not believe that there are good or bad signs.

Many fall into this too, beginning to pigeonhole the energies of each sign too much. The idea is to have knowledge of each person’s positive and negative face, always.

3. – Believing that a tension in the letter indicates a bad event.

This is also another belief, being that many times the quadrature or oppositions can simply be like a “push” for something else to happen.

4. – Learn to see the good and the bad of an aspect

Everything in excess is bad, even the good. This also works in astrology, so our conclusions must be supported by a completely holistic view of what a letter offers positively and negatively.

5. – Listen to those who have studied for a long time

This especially when faced with criticism. Sometimes (many times) it is necessary to give other looks a chance, especially those who have more experience.

6. – Define what type of astrology you want to study

There are many options and ways to study astrology. At least to leave, it is better to choose well by which of all its branches it will start, if it is not going to just get dizzy with the information.

7. – Study your letter first, then that of your friends or family.

Studying the letter of those we know allows us to make comparisons and checks of what we do, so it is preferable to practice in this way, before beginning to assume or “Guess”the lives of others.

8. – Be ethical

Handle the sensitive issues of another person carefully, and above all, evaluate that if what you are going to say will help the other person. You are not to make someone’s life bitter.

9. – Work on your own personal development

Life costs us all, of course, but by assuming a role as an astrologer you also somehow play an important part in the direction of other people’s lives. Under this type of responsibility, the minimum is to pay close attention to your value structure, because it will be from where your vision of life and its advice will be born.

10. – Love astrology, but love yourself more.

Many times I have witnessed how some begin to identify with astrology, so that nothing and no one outside their concepts can be right. But astrology does not determine anything; it is only analysis and observation of statistics. So stay true to yourself. Question, compare your analysis with those of other astrologers, and stay objective in your comments, which never stops learning.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that any type of “esoteric” study implies dealing with something that is not entirely accepted by our society, which brings the opposition of many people hand in hand, but in turn, also brings with it no less number of people who take advantage of this condition, and abuse the ignorance and ignorance that exists on this matter. This is the reason why you should pay close attention to taking care of the sources on which you base your studies.