5 beauty tips for a glowing skin

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To look good looks, it goes through a proper awakening of the skin. For this, it is necessary to revive the blood microcirculation, numbed during the winter, and r estaurer the protective barrier of the epidermis. Because the cold, the wind and the heating affected the cellular exchanges, become less effective, and dehydrated the cutaneous tissues in depth. The skin is therefore less comfortable, the face is not so rebounded and the complexion lacks brightness moles on body meaning. More for a long time: with the return of good weather, resume good habits thanks to our program designed to awaken the epidermis in beauty.

A cooler complexion with a good-looking cream

No time to wait until the sun gilds your face gently? Use a care gorged with mineral pigments reflecting light, which will unify the complexion, blur fine lines and correct chromatic imperfections (redness, dull complexion, stains …). Well seen also, formulas infused with colored pigments, able to enhance the natural tone of a tone, on the skin as light as the darkest. A key: a bare skin effect without any coverage and an immediate result!

A refreshed look with an eye care

Crow’s feet, expression lines, eyelids that tend to relax … To strengthen the eye contour, particularly low in support fibers, it is necessary to revive the production of collagen. So we put on peptides, stimulants, hyaluronic acid re-humectant, and antioxidants, which protect the skin against free radicals and cellular “rust”. If, as a bonus, your treatment includes bleachers capable of blurring fine lines, adopt it illico!

Deep cleansing with purifying serum

Saturated by the accumulation of toxins linked to the use of rich care and the application of a more covering makeup, but also overworked by efforts to counter the cold and dry air, the skin comes out of the winter asphyxiated. Atone; it loses in brightness and flexibility. The good reflex? Focus on a care that can deeply regenerate and detoxify it , helping the cells to eliminate accumulated waste to allow it to recover better.

A tonic skin with vitamin care

Renowned for their richness in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, superfruits bring a real boost to the skin. The goji berry thus concentrates 400 times more vitamin C than the orange, while the acai, rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E, helps to make the complexion more radiant. The kiwi is distinguished by a very high concentration of vitamins C, B and A, which revitalizes tired skin and protect against aging.

A radiant complexion, with a peeling lotion

Softer and more progressive than a scrub, the exfoliating lotion revives the shine gently, with effects both more complete and deep. It is applied every evening on the clean face, using a cotton disc , then let its fruit acids gently remove dead cells, restart the microcirculation, fade fine lines and brown spots , and even mitigate the effects. Imperfections. In the long term, we find a smooth skin and a more homogeneous complexion, fresh and luminous.