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5 SEO keys to choose an optimized WordPress template

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Sometimes when we think about the design of our template we do not take into account the SEO factors, for this reason we tell you which are the 5 SEO keys to choose a WordPress template optimized at 100%.

The time to choose a template or theme for wordpress is one of the important points since it will depend largely on the optimization on page that we can do, or come by default in our wordpress blog … for that reason, in addition to selecting it as an aesthetic factor, it would be convenient to analyze it from other points of view such as SEO and the usability of it Indianapolis seo company.

1. Responsive or responsive design

Currently it is estimated that more than 30% of visits to a page arrive from a different device to the PC. Although it is less than half, if we do not want to lower our permanence rate and keep the rebound rate low, it is very important to take care of all the users and have a responsive design.

An adaptive design allows a single version of our website and through the CSS stylesheet, to be redesigned according to the resolution of the screen where we visualize it. Create a more accessible menu and remove less relevant information in order to improve navigation, for example the footer or sidebars

When a non-responsive design is not chosen, the traffic coming from the smaller devices will suffer more loads waiting time and therefore the user will get tired sooner and will navigate less through our website. To measure the loading speed there are different SEO tools such as Google PageSpeed. Remember that loading time is an element that Google has in mind when structuring Web positioning.

To do the test and know how it will look in the most common resolutions (very important to try it), navigate to the demonstration page of the template you are looking at. Once there reduces the size of the browser window, you will see how the elements will be repositioned, disappearing and changing.

2. A template for each type of business

What do you have in mind? Think about what your WordPress is for and choose the best design that can optimize the content you are uploading. There are different types (or themes) for WordPress , so before choosing one, think: what content will I publish? Articles, photographs, videos … and what style will I give to my website? Once this is clear we can choose between many designs, these are some common examples: eCommerce, blog, portfolio, sale (landing Pages), etc.

3. Simple and light design (good loading speed)

Before we gave much importance to the loading speed to be responsible for SEO, so we advise choosing a simple design and not too overloaded it will usually be light and the loading time is lower than the rest of themes. This does not mean that it is a theme ugly or unprepared, you can always adapt, but considering that less is more.

4. Easy configuration and editing

We have already commented that it is better to choose a simple and clean design because you can always improve with a good design. If we choose an easy configuration design we can edit it the way we want , so when that point comes it will be better to know what we do.

What can be changed in the templates if you need to touch the code? Typography, sidebars, header, integration of social buttons or contact forms, among others.

5. Good content structuring

Last, but not least, check that the entire content structure is done correctly, that it has a good structuring of headings (H1, H2, and H3), titles, content modules, such as loading first the sidebars that content. Keep in mind that the volume of Keyword also influences during the text or the alt of the images, if we want our template to be optimized it must allow a good hierarchy of the contents.

Latest tips for choosing a WordPress template

Before you start, visit other blogs or websites that have the same theme (that is, look at what the competition does). It will help you to know what works, what you like and what you do not, but of course, be original and do not copy.

Invest time looking for and experimenting with different templates, do not settle for the first one you see or one that has good references. Remember that functionality is more important than design.

If you are not convinced by any free template, remember that there are also premium ones if you think it’s worth it, do not worry about investing some money, if you are going to recover it with your project.