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5 tips to meditate if you do not know how to concentrate

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Meditation can offer many benefits if you are a millennial who has a hard time concentrating. Here we share some tips before starting your meditation wofs calculator.

Millennials are the generation understood by people who were born between 1980 and the beginning of the new millennium -years more, years less depending on what your reference is. Among the characteristics that have been used to stereotype this generation you can find instability, apathy, lack of commitment in different areas of life, the rejection of authority, the tendency to get bored quickly, among many other things. Although you can also find that we are creative, dynamic, enterprising, prepared, with a growing social awareness.

Of course, speaking in general terms of any generation is totally absurd. How could you classify millions of people with unique needs, desires and stories under the same concept? However, there are different characteristics that many of us share.

Now, what is meditation? Meditation can be understood as a set of techniques that have different objectives -depending on the style you practice-, but which fundamentally seek to quiet or focus the mind. Beyond leaving your mind blank -which is not very functional or real- it is about eliminating the noise that distracts you from the relationship with the most important person in your life: you, and the part that makes you be you , that is, your mind.

Meditation can offer many benefits if you are a millennial who has a hard time concentrating. Next, we share some points to consider before beginning your meditation.

1. Focus

Meditation has the ability to quiet the mind, reduce external stimuli and bring the senses inward, allowing you to feel that your mind has been “reset” at the end of your practice, you feel refreshed and ready to bring your attention to what you need most at that moment.

2. Relaxation

We are a generation that is expected a lot, is criticized a lot and demands a lot, we are heirs of a devastated world, an unstable economy and a confused society. Besides that, many of us work more than 10 hours a day, with high levels of stress to receive salaries that, whether or not fair, often do not seem sufficient. Meditation has the ability to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which will allow you to relax, and gives you the ability to respond in a different way to everything you need to solve.

3. Perspective

Millennials are a generation that grew up being multitask ,Either by choice or by force, our life requires us to do several things at once, whether work, study, transpose, save, exercise, and so on. Many times this overload of activities prevents you from seeing things clearly, meditation allows you to generate critical distance with all the events of your life, you will create a space between the stimulus and the response that you will give to any situation that occurs in your life . So you can perform creative actions beyond visceral reactions.

4. Happiness

Depression is a disease that, according to statistics, has affected millennials more than other generations. The practice of meditation – as well as yoga, crossfit or any sport that you happen to practice – affects the segregation of brain chemicals, increasing the amount of hormones related to happiness, such as serotonin.

5. Peace

It is said that we millennials are a generation with high levels of anxiety, perhaps because of the pressure to achieve success. Whatever the reason, meditation can focus on the present moment, dissipating fears, doubts, insecurities and all those things that can generate anxiety and rob you of your inner peace.

There are many more reasons why meditation is made for us millennials – as it was done for sadhus 5000 years ago. Regardless of whether you feel identified or not with this generation or whether you are part of it or not, I am sure that meditation has something good for you. It only has one flaw: you have to practice it to make it work.