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5 Tips to Select a Lawyer for Your Multi-Car Accident in Florida

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When an accident involves several vehicles, the establishment of a fault can be complicated. Not to mention, there are often multiple insurance companies involved, all trying to alleviate their own responsibility, and shifting the blame to the next person. This means that there may be several parties to blame for different components of the accident. Therefore, it is essential that you hire an experienced Florida lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to handle these types of cases. One that can help guides you through the legal process lawyers in rockford.

Here are some ways in which a Florida attorney can help you in a multi-car collision:

  • Locate and communicate with all insurance companies involved
  • Determine insurance coverage for all parties
  • Determine what types of coverages you can have and how they can help / affect your case
  • Help determine or reduce the cause of the accident
  • Determine which parties are responsible
  • If you are to blame for all or part of the accident and if so, if you even have a case
  • Assist in obtaining quality medical care for your injury
  • Gather all the necessary information through investigation, investigation and witnesses
  • Help in the repair of your car or other vehicle if yours is totaled
  • Help obtain any lost wages as a result of lack of work time
  • Help ensure that medical bills are paid by responsible insurance companies
  • Help get an arrangement for pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent injuries, and other damages

Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a personal injury lawyer in Florida:

  • Hire an experienced lawyer: it is imperative that you hire a lawyer who understands and has experience handling cases involving multi-car accidents.
  • Dedication to your case: While it is perfectly normal for an experienced lawyer to juggle multiple cases at the same time, you want to make sure that the lawyer’s workload is manageable and that he or she will be able to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and resources in your case. A tip is to see how often you hear from your lawyer (not just a paralegal) about your case.
  • Communication: hire a lawyer to provide consistent and continuous communication throughout each step of the case. Be sure to meet with the lawyer face to face so that he or she is aware of all your concerns and expectations.
  • Reputation of the lawyer: the reputation of a lawyer is critical. Feel free to talk to people who have used this lawyer in the past. Check with the Florida bar to see if there is any disciplinary action against the lawyer. You can even check your social networks and Google business pages to find comments from previous customers. In this day and age, carrying out your own research will not require a lot of work.
  • Level of comfort: you must meet your lawyer at the first visit (absent some circumstances) or within days of hiring. You want to be able to ask questions and assess the level of comfort you have, to make sure it is the right decision you are making.