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5 tips to take advantage of your clothes this Fall

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As every year in these dates, comes the change of cabinets and the visit to different stores to choose something that goes with this so confusing time.

Since we can not waste all our money on new and modern clothes, I propose a very easy and cheap solution: take advantage of the clothes in your closet mixing it with different pieces and accessories and personalized t shirts for women.

  1. Wear dresses and blouses lingerie with shirts and sweater underneath

It is easy. Take your favorite shirt (or sweater, if the day asks) and put on top the dress or blouse that you like . You will be beautiful and the last.

  1. Combine your summer dresses with jeans and sweaters

Choose your favorite summer dress and put on some jeans, or a big sweater.

  1. Warm your torso and bring your legs to the light!

Skirts of leather of all colors, satin, fabric, knots, beads … The one you want but very short and you will protect your torso enough to not feel the cold in your legs.

  1. Sandals in autumn?

Yess !!! And open shoe and sports without socks … At first it may be cold to think about it, but the moment you see yourself in the mirror, the cold will be removed.

  1. Tops, bodys, short t-shirts … + jacket

This fall you will continue to use tops, short t-shirts and bodysuits this summer, but with a jacket or sweatshirt superimposed and a little open to show your body underneath, will you dare?