best weight loss supplements for women

8 tips to lose weight

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Out of fear to weigh you down and, with it, the bad habits in which we tend to fall! Do you want to lose a few kilos? Follow the advice of the nutritionist best weight loss supplements for women.

  1. Do not skip meals

The less nutrients the body lacks, the more effective it will be. And that’s also true when losing weight. “Do not eliminate bread or pasta, which provide energy. Take them moderately and without mixing them with fat, “says María Jesús Fariña , nutritionist .

  1. Hydrate well

Do you not drink the 8 glasses of water a day because you think they swell you? You’re wrong. “It is essential to eliminate toxins and activate the diet. Also, does it during meals satiate? “Help yourself with light refreshments, tisanes, teas.

  1. Food lights

Do you only have dietary nutrients in your refrigerator? Well, no. “A diet cannot be based exclusively on low-calorie products. Some of these foods contain many fats and sugars. There is a false belief that, because they are light, they do not get fat and we can fall into the temptation to eat more, “says the nutritionist.

  1. Do not just eat fruit

“It’s recurring when you want to lose weight. But it is not effective, because it satisfies temporarily and after [some two hours] we are hungry and we eat again, “he adds. Better, take low-fat protein (white fish) with vegetables and a low-fat yogurt.

  1. Do it without hurry

Have you signed up for a miracle, express diet? Be careful: “They have a rebound effect that results in weight gain. Only the modification of dietary habits and lifestyle and keep them over time strengthens weight loss. For example, exercising is vital to losing weight; do not just rely on diet.

  1. Sleep well

Are you preying to insomnia? Sleeping well is crucial to lose weight. The reason? “It is related to the hormone leptin , which controls appetite. If we do not rest well, it does not complete its cycle and we are hungrier “. If it’s your problem, ally yourself with the plants (passionflower, valerian, hawthorn …).

  1. Sweeten your life

Do not completely ignore sugar. The brain feeds on glucose. And not only that: hydrates (sugars) are essential for energy. What you have to do is adjust the amount: “a teaspoon only brings about 10 calories.”

  1. Do not stress

Having a frenetic activity does not mean that you are: one of its repercussions is that we eat compulsively (more and worse). Yoga, taichi, meditation … incorporate them to your day to day.