How to increase testosterone in athletes

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In many cases, you want to increase testosterone, for whatever reason, and there is nothing better than doing it naturally.

The best way to achieve this is through food, and the first step is the increase in zinc consumption, as it intervenes in the natural production of testosterone by preventing it from becoming estrogen, and even converts estrogen to testosterone Nugenix free trial.

It is good and recommended to eat good fats, especially omega 3, but good fats, not bad fats. And precisely this last not because it is necessary to maintain a good body weight without fats, because the more fat the higher estrogen levels. In addition, it is necessary to consume the vitamins that are required, especially A, B, E and C, in addition to zinc. It is also good to eat properly with proteins, which build muscle, balanced but rich in protein diets stimulate the synthesis of the anabolic hormone that releases testosterone. And, of course, you have to stop drinking.

Since men who sleep less time have lower levels of testosterone, so a study says, it is necessary to have a good rest of at least 8 hours of sleep.

Exercising also helps increase testosterone, especially compound exercises that work several muscle groups resting properly. Some studies indicate that physical exercise raises testosterone levels when practiced at least 45 minutes a day, ideally an hour, when passing the time increases cortisol and decreases testosterone.

Some foods that increase testosterone are:

  • The oysters
  • Beef: veal, lamb, horse, (as long as it’s lean)
  • The beans
  • The eggs
  • Poultry
  • Organic vegetables and fruits
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Garlic

Food, sports, rest and no stress or tension are the main keys to increase testosterone naturally.

At the level of natural supplementation it is advisable to take Tribulus to increase testosterone levels. Tribulus raises testosterone levels in men and women without disturbing the hormonal balance, normalizes ovulation in women and improves symptoms linked to menopause.

Tribulus is a plant traditionally used, and has aroused great interest for its effects as a general tonic and increased sexual potency. The main active compounds of the tribulus are the steroid saponins and the protodioscin, which serve as the basis for the synthesis of hormones. Both phytochemicals have been shown to stimulate sexual desire and function. The protodioscin is converted in the body into DHEA, which increases sexual desire and erectile function

The tribulus stimulates the production of sperm, in addition to improving its quality and mobility. Increases libido, sexual function and testosterone levels in men and also exerts an invigorating action, restoring energy and helping to improve strength and physical endurance