Increase the female libido

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No desire, pain or no orgasm: The sexuality of women is prone to failure. Nevertheless, only a few openly talk about it – even with the gynecologist. Especially for the lack of desire, women apparently profess reluctant, as a study with nearly 4500 participants from Saxony-Anhalt shows. Six in ten respondents reported problems related to their sexuality PhenQ review. But only half of them raised the issue with the gynecologist, the authors write about the Magdeburg gynecologist Hans-Joachim Ahrendt in the journal “Sexuologie”.

Pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse were still most of them. Libido problems, on the other hand, usually became an issue only when the doctor asked – although the problem is widespread. The missing lust affects every fourth woman who reports problems with sex. The causes are very individual, says gynecologist Anneliese Schwenkhagen, who works in the hormone center in Hamburg.

For these reasons, the pleasure of having sex can be omitted:

  • In addition to too much stress, problems in the immediate environment and the partnership can contribute to the unpleasure. Too many expectations of the act or pressure of the partner quickly unsettle and diminish the need for sexual closeness. “Above all, too little time for the relationship is a Liebeskiller – as well as the TV in the bedroom,” says Schwenkhagen.
  • The feeling of pleasure is also dependent on the hormone balance and thus on the cycle. In addition, there are periods of life in which women are less interested in sexuality – for example, during or directly after a pregnancy. Even in menopause, many are losing interest in physicality.
  • Medications can inhibit libido, including sedatives, antidepressants and antihypertensive medicines. Cortisone and some remedies for gastrointestinal discomfort, the effect is also said to be the contraceptive pill.
  • Finally, pain during sexual intercourse can also dampen pleasure. Also there are various triggers. In most cases there is a physical cause. Inflammation or small cracks in the mucous membrane of the vagina cause unpleasant burning, squeezing or pulling as well as fused vaginal tissue after surgery. Lack of excitement and a too vagina despite desire can also lead to pain during sexual intercourse.

The typical problems include the absence of an orgasm, even if the topic slowly moves into the background: “Through the Enlightenment, women now know that usually only excitement of the clitoris leads to climax,” says Schwenkhagen. Sex without orgasm is not a typical disorder according to experts. Some women often only reach the plateau phase and rarely the subsequent high phase, that is the orgasm.