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Point to a homemade protein shakes

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Take protein shakes are something of the most usual in the world of fitness and highly advisable, to reach the minimum necessary contribution of daily protein if we do not get through our meals protein powder reviews.

A quick way to prepare these protein shakes is from the well-known Whey protein, although it is true that there are many people who prefer to make these shakes themselves, and that’s why today we propose a homemade simple protein shake.

First, how much protein do I need?

First of all and the most important thing is to know our minimum personal need for protein per day , in g / kg of body weight, which should be around 2g / kg in power / strength athletes.

Starting from knowing our minimum daily protein requirement, we can make an approximate calculation of our daily intake, through our meals, and of our pending need that we can cover, for example, with the intake of these shakes.

The ideal thing is to take the protein distributed in intakes throughout the day , every 3-4 hours approximately since the protein is not stored in our body as “deposits” and one of those intakes can be covered, if necessary, with one of these homemade shakes if we do not want to take supplementation.

When to take this protein shake?

The perfect time to take a protein shake is one of the most discussed topics in the fitness world. There is a belief that it is essential to take a post- workout shake, although this is not strictly so since protein synthesis is maximized with training, so we have a few hours of margin to be able to ingest the protein.

However, the recharge of hydrates after training takes place at a slightly lower hourly rate than in the case of proteins, which is why, often, even if you do not take a post-workout shake, it is recommended, for example, to eat a banana , perfect carbohydrate source for muscle recovery after wear.

Protein homemade smoothie recipe

Making a homemade protein shake is simpler than we think, as well as being easy and fast, it is another option for people who have an economic effort to buy this type of supplementation, to reach the daily protein needs, because True, it costs a peak, and they do not know very well how to get a substitute homemade milkshake.


  • 100g ricotta or cheese whipped 0%
  • 1 banana
  • 250ml skimmed milk
  • 70g of oatmeal

The preparation, like that of any milkshake, is more than simple you just have to chop the banana and together with the milk, the ricotta and the oatmeal and passes it through the blender. If you like the very fresh milkshake you can add some ice cubes or, if you are very sweet, a bit of sweetener or honey to taste.

The ricotta gives us the source of protein that we seek and the banana the perfect source of hydrates for muscle recovery, in the case of taking it as a post-workout, which we have already mentioned is not essential, but it can be another perfect shot without problem, and oatmeal, what to say about the oatmeal and its properties that has not already been said.

You can also incorporate protein to the shakes including, for example, instead of ricotta, egg whites (4-5 clear), according to taste, because there are people who find it difficult or disliked to take shakes that include egg whites.