Send flowers anonymously

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Give flowers as an anonymous love note

Flower delivery is a popular way to give someone a nice surprise. Anyway, when it comes to flowers, everyone will be weak anyway, and when the doorbell rings unexpectedly at the door and you do not even see the messenger behind a beautiful and huge bouquet of flowers, the day can only be beautiful. The joy is great, as well as the surprise and the constant memory, which brings a bouquet to the sender know more.

Flowers never go out of fashion

Whether as a thank you, as a confession of love, as a wish for improvement, as a congratulatory or simply as – bouquets are never out of fashion and have always been popular gifts. The language of the flowers is incredibly captivating and nobody will forget the first bunch of flowers that was given to him.

Send flowers anonymously – The perfect confession of love

A very special kind of flower delivery is the “anonymous delivery “. This service is offered by a wide variety of flower delivery providers and it enjoys great popularity as it has closed an important gap in the market, especially in the field of romance and confessions of love.

How does anonymous flower delivery work?

Online you can put together the perfect bouquet and send it to the secret love, the still loved ex-partner, the big swarm or maybe even the spouse, without the happy recipient knows from whom the flower blessing comes. So the sender can be absolutely sure to stay really anonymous. And the best thing about this service is, no one will betray you! 😉

The flower supplier cannot give in to the most creative and desperate bribery attempts or requests that he should reveal the sender, since he does not know him himself. So the gifted detectives, whose curiosity is of course inflamed, find out only the chosen shipping provider and the tension is great. Also, as the sender on the package and on the greeting card, only the flower delivery provider itself is called.

This service is also great for instilling new self-confidence in loved ones such as spouse or best friend suffering from lack of self-confidence and complexions. The recipients are sure to be happy about an anonymously received bouquet of flowers and revive something again. However, it is important in this case that in such a case, the sender is best left anonymous forever, because an outing in retrospect could be extremely injurious to the recipient!

Tip: To add some extra energy, you can also create a personalized greeting card with a little “love riddle” followed by two “secret name initials” or a few nice compliments. The imagination knows no limits 😉

What do you have to do to use this additional service?   

All you have to do in order to remain anonymous for the recipient is to choose a (free) additional option for your flower order. From this point on everything goes its course and you can be 100% sure that you will not be betrayed by anyone.