Setup Outlook on iPhone or iPod Touch

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In this article, we will see that how easily we can setup ‘hotmail’ account on our iPhone, using the automatic settings. In past you can only check your Hotmail email account from the Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail. But thanks to the technology, now you can connect to your emails from any email client (including mobile Mac Mail of the iPhone).

Add an email account

To configure your Windows Live Hotmail account on your iPhone, start by tapping the Settings icon on your home screen. Once the ‘settings’ screen loads, tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then go for the option ‘Add Account’. The next screen will appear with the type of emails that you can setup on your iPhone. The options will be shown like this “Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Me, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, or Other”. Now, tap on the ‘other’ option.

Adding a outlook account

For the addition of a hotmail account, tap on the ‘Add Mail Account’ from the loaded screen. This will open the ‘New Account’ screen that will ask for your email account information: display name, email address, password, and description. Under “Name”, enter your name as you want it to appear to recipients when you email them from your Hotmail account. You have to type in your hotmail email address in the format of ‘’. Then, put your password correctly at the field mentioned as ‘password’.

Under the ‘description’ field, enter the name of your email account. This will be something like ‘Hotmail’ or whatever you want. Remember, this is just an account name to let you identify each of your email accounts on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Once, you finished all the above mentioned steps, tap the ‘save’ button.