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Spirulina is a freshwater microalga. It occurs in the waters of South and North America, Central Africa and Asia. Even the Aztecs adopted the superpowers of spirulina and integrated the algae into their diet. According to scientists, spirulina is full of nutrients, antioxidants, boosts the immune system, detoxifies, alleviates allergies, lowers cholesterol levels, has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces fat deposits in the liver and blood buy Athletic Greens. Pretty sensational!

Spriulina has a rich green color, which means that the algae have extremely high chlorophyll content. That’s an added bonus! More about the superfood chlorophyll here, Phycocyanin is also abundant in the green superalge. The latter is said to decrease the release of histamine, which could be of interest to all those with histamine intolerance. To all these already mentioned benefits of the super-spirulina Spirulina come, many more, which have been proven by studies and experiments: the algae thus protect the brain, anti-cancer effect; it protects against free radicals, inhibits the formation of kidney stones and gives our immune system necessary kick. Furthermore, Spirulina should protect our eyes by the high content of lutein and zeaaxanthin. In addition, the green superfood promotes the growth of intestinal bacteria, which can alleviate the irritable bowel syndrome and improve digestion.

Spirulina also provides our body with vitamin E, iron, manganese, selenium and many other minerals and vitamins. In addition, the alga is an ideal source of protein because it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Spirulina is now available in almost every health food store or health food store. Mostly in powder or pressed into tablets. The alga, however, has a very strong taste and smells slightly fishy. This is not necessarily everyone’s taste. For those who are a bit more sensitive here, the tablets are recommended, as they are basically just compressed powder and can easily be swallowed with water without developing their taste. For all others, it is advisable to spice up the green vegetable juices with spirulina powder or, for example, a green hummus dipto create! You can also use spirulina together with cocoa powder and maca powder to make delicious energy balls. The basic recipe for my Energy Balls is when you sign up for my newsletter – and then just add more Spirulina (1 tsp for starters)! Delicious snack in between.

Important in the purchase of Spirulina is above all the biological origin. All sorts of crap floating around in our waters and seas these days. Of course, nobody wants to absorb that through food. With Spirulina of good, biological quality, one can therefore safely avoid lead, mercury and the like.