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It is increasingly common for all types of events to be given t-shirts, whether at conventions, parties, congresses, fairs, workshops, courses or conferences. And everything looks much more if it becomes a tide of personalized shirts pupnpaws.com!

Custom shirts for staff

The organization of an event is basic, so it is essential that organizers and information or help staff are recognizable at first sight by the attendees.

In our online catalog of shirts we have hundreds of colors available, from the most sober to the most visible, so you will surely find a color similar to your corporate image. We also have fluoride shirts and reflective vests and breastplates. If you seek not to go unnoticed, these are your clothes.

As they are likely to be little-used shirts, we recommend you to choose basic shirts from the ones available in our online catalog. They are the most economical option for large runs. 😉

The bags are stomping

The tote bags personalized or bags Shoulder bags are becoming increasingly fashionable. They are, along with personalized t-shirts, one of our flagship products. What are the pros and cons of each?

The personalized shirts are a true classic. The group photos are great with the corporate colors of your brand or company. The main disadvantage is that it can be difficult to get the sizes right for everyone.

On the other hand, custom bags are practical and very economical. They are a perfect accessory for events in which dossiers, maps, flyers or information are delivered to attendees. There is no need to worry about sizes and everyone will take advantage of it. Our two best-selling models are the ANT bag and the Raid bag, which is a bit taller and more resistant.

Textile screen printing

We recommend you without hesitation textile screen printing. The vast majority of our custom t-shirts for events are stamped with our technique. Its quality, its price and its results are hardly comparable. For cheap custom t-shirts it is ideal to stamp them with 1 or 2 colors.

If you need to reproduce designs with photo or illustrations with many colors and details, the copitrans is an option to take into account if you do not want your budget to shoot. Without limit of inks, although somewhat less resistant.