The Feng Shui Attitude

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I have considered what the proper attitude should be when applying Feng Shui cures, and I can say simply that you need to “believe”. Belief is required to succeed in most endeavors, Feng Shui being no exception. The universal laws of cause and effect that Feng Shui is based on are deeply affected by belief and gratitude. Some people rationalize that when Feng Shui cures are put in effect they can influence others who are unaware of the intentions and therefore have no believe level themselves, and thus incorrectly conclude that Feng Shui can work without belief. This is a flawed viewpoint because it ignores the bigger picture that someone did believe. Not necessarily all the people affected, but somebody put the initial intentions out there and started the ball rolling. The entire world does not have to be in harmony with your desires for them to begin come to you.

Take this thought process in the other direction and one might think that anything you seek with Feng Shui will automatically materialize without delay or compromise. For the same reasons this thinking would be narrow minded and not take into account the bigger picture that your wants and desires are potentially in conflict with countless wants and desires of other people. The universe must blend into being, the best good for all concerned, which is why your intentions often come from surprising directions.

Belief in Feng Shui hinges on your acceptance that there is a higher power that guides and directs us all and maintains order and harmony. Don’t mix that up with your vision of what a perfect world should look like and your concern over seeing something different. Feng Shui depends on you believing that “conscious intelligent thought” is the beginning of the creative process and is necessary for the manifestation of anything that exists in the physical world. That idea warrants its own article but we will save that for another time and for now focus on the element of belief and how it impacts feng-shuicures.

Many new people to Feng Shui are surprised how the intentions they declare end up coming to them. They are amazed that the things they seek often come from places and people they did not think to look. This pehenonomun is instrumental in understanding the forces behind Feng Shui and the importance of the belief element being present to obtain successful results.

Remember that Feng Shui strives to have a balanced environment and therefore a balanced life for the practitioner. This means that there are nine areas of a person’s life that we are attempting to improve and optimize. Let me try to dramatize this concept by visualizing a tennis ball on a big serving tray and you are trying to move the tray to continuously hold the ball in a certain orientation with the logo always up. I trust you would concede that this would be tough, but with practice and some luck you could probably force the desired results to some degree. Now imagine there were nine balls instead of one that you were trying to do this with and you can start to appreciate the complexity of life. You’re going through life trying to keep your own nine areas all faced in a desired orientation. Do you see why life can be a little tough sometimes? Further imagine the container is not only being held by you, but it’s big enough for about a hundred other people to be tugging and pulling at the same time all trying to get their own orientation on the tennis balls. Do you see why things don’t always go the way you want?

So what does all this have to do with Feng Shui and the proper attitude? You need some help in balancing your tray of balls. Knowing how to do it successfully is really beyond human capabilities. You can not possibly know what forces are at work throughout the universe that are affecting what you’re trying to obtain. To achieve the results you want a person in China might have to walk down a certain street at a certain time to have the impact on something you want in North America six months later. That is an extreme metaphor to suggest that you are not in control of your life nearly as much as you would hope. You need help from a power much greater than yourself, using the laws of cause and effect in a way that optimizes your situation.

Do you have to believe this can happen for it to work? I would say yes. Can you be schooled to be smart enough to do it yourself? I would say no. The creative process that takes your intentions and causes those intentions to begin to move in your direction must do it in a manner and time frame that you could never ever begin to understand or anticipate. Feng Shui is a tool to organize our own personal environment so the universe can translate that into a balanced and harmonious life experience for us. This creative process begins with conscious thought, it is nourished by belief and faith, and it is manifested by gratitude. The degree to which you can exercise these tools will dictate the success level you experience. Yes you will impact other people who do not even know what your intentions are because we are all interconnected. Realize there are countless other people with intentions that will affect you, without your knowledge, and to manage all those interactions takes a power far beyond what any mortal man processes.

So belief is your contribution to the effort. It’s a tough enough job in itself especially when you look around at all the chaos in the world and wonder how your will ever get to where you want to go. Belief is the ingredient that Feng Shui looks to you to provide. Its difficult to stay focused when you read the news and then try to maintain a belief level that there is really any order. I might suggest you aid yourself by watching less news that will help in itself. But for the purposes of this lesson find comfort in the fact that the proper attitude to facilitate Feng Shui cures is simply to believe in them, and have some faith that a power far beyond your self is working on it. Good Feng Shui to you all.