Tips for printing custom shirts

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A good creative gift is a personalized t-shirt: it is a unique option, and the person who will receive it will be extremely flattered to have a garment dedicated only to them; You can even make your wardrobe more diverse if the shirt print is for you personalized t shirt collection.

Next, we will give you print tutorials for t-shirts with the help of Photoshop in a simple way and without spending a lot of time or money.

T-shirt design starts with that: the choice of what will be printed on the shirt in question, which can be text, an illustration or a photograph; we must take into account that depending on the colors, it will be the cost and use of ink, so if you want to save money, opt for something that can be printed in a single color, such as a silhouette or something.

Second, it must be in a color that contrasts positively with the fabric (basic rule in graphic design ); for example, yellow ink is not recommended at all in very light fabrics, since the message could be lost, or even hurt the eyesight