Ways to Increase Your YouTube Channel Rank

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Unlike many other forms of search ranking, there is no one definitive YouTube Search Ranking. Most people who browse YouTube are either hopping from related video to related video, or they’re browsing personalized feeds. Those who actually do visit the homepage will see almost entirely personalized suggestions. The only ranking you have is in their search.

Even YouTube’s keyword-based search is a little personalized. It will give preferential spots to videos you have watched before, or videos from channels you have subscribed to, or videos from official sources. When none of those are available, well, Buy real youtube comments that’s when optimization really comes into play.

Ranking Factors on YouTube

YouTube is not like Google, even though Google owns them. The search is a very different machine, running different algorithms and considering different factors.
On-YouTube factors include:

  • Keywords. Like web pages, YouTube looks at keywords to identify what queries a video will be relevant for. Unlike web pages, it can’t analyze the content of videos very easily, so it requires you to optimize your text. That means video title, description, tags, and transcript.
  • Tags. If you use meta keyword tags on a web page, Google will be very wary of what else you do. If you use them on YouTube, you’re doing it right.
  • Thumbnail. Videos with compelling custom thumbnails tend to rank better than videos that have automatic thumbnails, which in turn rank better than videos with misleading thumbnails.
  • Transcript. The existence of a transcript is a ranking factor, as is the content of that transcript. Uploading one also helps eliminate pesky errors with the autocaptioning system.

Those are ranking factors for videos.
Your channel rank depends entirely on your video rank. There’s no way to search for specific channels; they just show up for queries specifically pointing at them. Search for any musician and in the top 3 results, you will find their official VEVO channel if they have one, or their official non-VEVO channel otherwise. You’re not likely to find channels unrelated to the official brand presence.

Channel authority is a ranking factor for videos, however. When your channel has more views and subscribers, and more engagement, than another channel, your videos will have an easier time out-ranking that competitor. Channel authority is based entirely on the performance of your videos, though it doesn’t hurt to do a few extra things, like linking your YouTube account with your website, or customizing your channel homepage.

There are also a handful of non-YouTube factors that play into ranking your videos is to buy real youtube comments, and thus your channel, in their search.

  • Video Retention. The more people who watch your videos, the higher they will rank. The more they stick around to watch all of it, the better it is. YouTube is very picky with what is and isn’t a view.       People who bounce don’t count.
  • Engagement. Comments on YouTube have a bad rap for being almost universally awful to experience reading, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want them. Keep comments open and get as many as you can.
  • Shares/Links. Anyone sharing your video or linking to it on social media will be giving your video a boost.
  • Thumbs Up. The more likes your video has, especially in proportion to the dislikes it has, the better off it will be.

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