Ways to naturally increase your testosterone

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Testosterone, this hormone initially produced by the testes is often associated with the man, but it should be known that the women also have some (produced a lesser degree by the ovaries).

This hormone plays a vital role in the health and well-being of everyone, especially in sexual functioning. It has a role in sexual functions Nootropics, but also plays on muscle mass or hair growth. Testosterone also has other roles, perhaps less flashy, but just as important as the maintenance of bone mass and the level of red blood cells. All these factors are essential to the well-being of the human body . Now you understand why the man naturally has more muscle than the woman?

From the age of 30, testosterone levels decrease and this year after year. The industry has seized this colossal market and offers a wide range of chemicals including testosterone. We are not here to moralize on the consumption of industrial and chemical products, but you will agree that you are looking to increase your testosterone (for any reason), it is much more interesting to do it naturally rather than part ingurgitating products that could be harmful to your health.


If you think you have low libido, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, or memory problems, this may be due to low testosterone levels, so we recommend that you test your symptoms deficiency.

The best is to consult your doctor directly to find out whether or not you will need hormonal stimulants. Attention, we now find pure hormones directly on the market, but they are strongly discouraged because dangerous and not recommended by your doctor. Never take these types of products without first having a medical consultation.

That’s why we offer in this article, 10 tips to increase your testosterone levels naturally. These ideas will help you improve your testosterone without chemicals and in the most natural way possible. Some tips may not please you, but if you want to be healthier, you’ll have to make good resolutions!


Losing weight

Overweight people are more likely to have low levels of testosterone. Losing those extra pounds could simply improve your rate and overall well-being.

To lose weight effectively, we advise you to limit the consumption of sugar in your diet. Excess sugar and more particularly fructose is one of the primary factors of obesity. Replacing these processed sugars with your diet is therefore a primary goal if you want to lose weight. Avoid sodas, prepared meals and fruit juices that contain a lot of fructose, the main driver of diabetes and responsible for increasing hunger. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol, tries lowering your glucose intake to about 25g a day.

In addition, we can also advise you to limit your consumption of cereals and milk. Lactose increases insulin resistance, a factor in weight gain and chronic disease. To maintain a healthy diet, you will need to replace these foods for healthy vegetables and fats.

Finally, it is important to realize that diet is an essential factor in weight loss as well as physical activity. A good diet coupled with regular physical activity can only be beneficial for your well-being and your testosterone levels.

The Cardio

Cardio, or rather high-intensity interval training, is one of the best methods to significantly increase testosterone levels (which will come down gradually after activity) and prevent its decline. This is the main difference between aerobic exercise or endurance exercise, which has a negative impact on the level of testosterone.

To implement this type of exercise, plan a workout on elliptical, bike or outing outdoors (walking for beginners, running for the others).

  • 3 to 5 minutes warm-up
  • Accelerate to the maximum of your abilities for 30 seconds (you should not be able to do more)
  • Recover for 90 seconds
  • Repeat the acceleration and recovery exercises 7 times in a row to get to about 20 minutes of training

In the end, if you count well, the actual working time is 4 minutes. But during this time, you will really draw on your reserves. This training requires a very big mind and a foolproof motivation because it is very difficult. If you are a beginner, you can reduce the duration of the training, but the ideal is to do these 20 minutes after a few weeks to maximize the sessions.

After the session, plan a time for your stretches and recovery. An important point that should not be neglected, especially for the health of your muscles and your recovery.

Muscle training

In addition to high-intensity interval training, muscle work is also known to increase testosterone levels. For this, it must be done quite intensively. The best is to limit the number of repetitions and increase the weight raised. For example, you can do squats and deadlifts by increasing loads as you progress. It is also the best way to make muscle. Endurance is not the answer if you want to build muscle.

To maximize your workout, reduce movement during exercise. This will allow you to work a little more.


Eat the good fats

Whether to improve testosterone levels or not, you should eat good fats. It is generally recommended to favor unsaturated fats (avocados, nuts, olive oil), but saturated fats (cheese, butter, meat) are also very important for the formation and construction of testosterone.

Many experts advise to consume between 50 and 70% of healthy fats for a balanced diet and healthy. Attention, we are not talking here about the regime which means “restriction” for most. We are talking about a food habit that needs to be taken to be healthy. No restrictions, but varied and healthy menus, simply.

It is important to understand that the body needs fats from both animal and plant sources to function well. Neglecting this way of eating to switch to sweet foods, cereals and starchy foods, we will bring you only medium / long term problems.


Vitamin D

sun vitaminAccording to one study and following a year of vitamin D supplementation, overweight men significantly increased their testosterone levels. Vitamin D would be a good way to increase testosterone and therefore libido.

In a natural way, vitamin D has gotten it with the sun, only now, we spend most of our time locked in desks. Difficult in this case to get this precious vitamin D. To find out if you really have a vitamin D deficiency, consult your doctor who will certainly make you have a blood test.

To increase this vitamin D in the body, it is therefore important to spend maximum time outdoors, in the sun, more exactly. Come out for lunch during the lunch break, discover yourself, expose your skin and enjoy the sun to fill up with vitamin. If you are still below the recommended rate, your doctor may recommend a supplement that will allow you to raise your vitamin level in the blood.



People with low testosterone can improve it by consuming zinc. A 6-week study showed that men who increased their zinc intake significantly improved their testosterone levels.

According to the National Institute of Health, 45% of adults over 60 could have this deficiency of zinc. Even with supplements, some people would still have this deficiency.

To overcome this deficiency of zinc, it is necessary to eat differently. First, focus on high-protein foods such as meat, fish or milk, cheese and beans. People with strict diets (vegetarian, meat eater) will find it more difficult to fill this gap, because their diet will be less varied. Pesticides and other chemical fertilizers used by industrialists are also harmful to the products we eat which automatically find themselves less rich in zinc, which they usually find in the soil.

In addition to the fact that manufacturers offer more and more products that are low in nutrients, there is also the way of cooking that can reduce to nothing the nutrient capacity of a food. If the products we offer have few nutrients, too much cooking also significantly reduces the level of nutrients. It will be necessary to focus on other cooking methods, such as steam cooking to keep a maximum of nutrients in your diet.

If after a change of diet, you still cannot find a recommended level of zinc, you can consult your doctor who will propose a supplement adapted to your profile.



Taking BCAA would have a positive effect on testosterone levels. They are found in supplement form, but also in dairy products and quality cheeses.

In addition, BCAAs are found in the form of proteins and especially in the whey protein, but it is not the most recommended way to develop testosterone levels. Indeed, it remains an unnatural way to add amino acids into the body and can alter the glycemic control of the body disrupting the function of insulin.

You cannot do enough to promote the 100% natural, which is to change your diet to increase the amount of amino acids in your body. Find the foods that bring you these BCAA’s and add them to your diet. (dairy products, meat, high protein foods).

Eliminate sugar

We’ve talked about it a bit earlier, but sugar is really bad for you and even more so if you’re looking to increase your testosterone level. In fact, a diet rich in sugar automatically leads to a rise in the level of insulin and thus a drop in testosterone.

It is true that sugar is very pleasant and that it is as addictive as a hard drug , but it is important to limit its consumption, as well as pasta or bread.


Reduce stress

A stressed person releases high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. The cortisol block the effects of testosterone and anxiety or chronic stress condition could be harmful to your testosterone level, but also more generally for your health.

To avoid stress, play sports, relax your mind and plan other relaxing activities like yoga, for example. The goal is to regain control over your emotions and your body.


Better sleep

A study from the University of Chicago’s research center shows that lack of sleep would lower testosterone levels. After a week of lack of sleep (maximum of 5h / night), a man’s testosterone level could drop by 10 to 15%. The sleep allows recovering and recharging the batteries, it should not be neglected.

By sleeping better and longer, you will recharge your testosterone, but you will also be more energetic, less tired and you will also see an increase in your libido.